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why storytelling? 

hi i'm monique (nice to meet you) 

Growing up my perfect Saturday looked like: me seated at the dining room table, radio on, listening to my favorite audio drama. While working on my art project. From historical accounts to fantastical narratives, all stories intrigued me. Their ability to transport and mesmerize with an element of magic fascinated me. 

I learned how to be a storyteller by joining a Public speaking club. My worst nightmare. An apparent misfortune, that serendipitously, became a pivotal point. Here, the art and mechanics of storytelling were revealed, shaping my understanding of crafting compelling narratives. 


Cut to me: in high school, at the movie theater. The cumulation of my training left me a student of the cinema. I felt overcome with emotion as the film left an indelible mark on me. At that moment, my love for storytelling transformed. No longer content with being an audience member, I was determined to tell my own stories on the screen. 

I'm committed to finding my artistic vision by illuminating the miraculous stories around me that inspire us to live better. 

There’s a lot more I could write here, but I’d rather talk to you.

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